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Whitepaper -
S/4HANA Migration - Blessing or Curse?

Whitepaper -
S/4HANA Migration - Blessing or Curse?

Stumbling blocks and recommendations of action from a SAP license optimization point of view

S/4HANA is on everyone‘s lips and will replace the SAP Business Suite in the future. The old Business Suite is supported until 2025. SAP offers a variety of licensing options and extension policies for existing customers who want to complete the migration step at an early stage. These can significantly reduce the costs of a migration.

If you are thinking about switching to S/4HANA, you should clarify some questions in advance: How and when should one change? What savings potential results from the new license types?

We answer these questions in this white paper. We show you frequent tripping hazards and how to avoid them. Use the opportunity of cost optimization in the context of S/4 + HANA database migration!

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  1. Introduction
  2. What are the reasons for a change?
  3. What will change when I switch to S/4HANA
  4. HANA data base
  5. Extension policies
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learn more in the Whitepaper, which you can download here


SAP has been promoting its in-memory database HANA for years now. As a result, existing customers have recently been increasingly encouraged to switch to S/4HANA. New customers should start with S/4HANA as requested by SAP.

To give the migration to S/4HANA a timeframe, SAP has announced to ensure maintenance for old ERP systems until 2025. This announcement contains the unspoken request to have completed the changeover by then.

This does not mean, however, that there is any reason to hectic, as there is still some time to go until 2025. Furthermore, in our opinion, the announcement does not mean that there will be no support for older systems in 2025.

One can confidently assume that even in 2025 ‘heavyweights’ will continue to work on old systems as existing customers. SAP will certainly not want to spoil it with them. Thus enough time and a well planned change is possible for everyone.

What are the reasons for a change?

There are actually only two reasons for a change. First of all, the introduction of necessary processes that one would like to use in HANA, because the process speed represents a corresponding benefit for the company. On the other hand the general migration, because the support of the old systems will eventually stop sometime.

The first reason puts some pressure on the company. In order to raise the corresponding benefit, the introduction must be realized with a tight schedule. Particular attention should be paid to the cost factor – especially the rising hardware costs are often forgotten.

To keep the cost screw under control to a certain extent, you should therefore draw up a concrete implementation plan before the migration. This plan should analyse exactly what SAP would have to do. This insight can then be used to start negotiations with SAP before implementation.

For SAP, HANA and S/4HANA are strategic products whose market penetration costs them quite a bit. The more customers they can convince of these products, the better. This gives you some room for negotiation. To win you over to the S/4HANA side, SAP is certainly ready to offer you one or two ‘goodies’. So dare to negotiate!

But be careful, this does not apply for all time! As market penetration progresses, SAP will be less willing to make concessions.

This is a bit of a predicament when it comes to S/4HANA migration. On the one hand, there is no hurry to change, as there is probably still time beyond 2025. On the other hand, you now have a good chance of expressing unfulfilled wishes for SAP and getting them fulfilled. 

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