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Whitepaper -
Guide to SAP´s Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP)

Whitepaper -
Guide to SAP´s Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP)

Updates from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 officially wrapped last Friday and our Licensing Team had in-depth discussions with both SAP and ASUG leadership regarding the latest Indirect Access Updates on your behalf.

We also included information in this post from SAP’s official licensing workshops offered at SAPPHIRE last week. Starting with the elephant in the room: SAP announced a time-bound adoption program with financial incentives for companies who choose to step forward and proactively license their Indirect Access on the basis of their annual business-document consumption.

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  1. What do you need to know about DAAP?
  2. Are there Gotchas?
  3. What should you do now?
  4. Introducing VOQUZ Assisted “Digital Access” Adoption Projects (VQ-ADAAP)
  5. SAP License Management with samQ
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What do you need to know about DAAP?

The Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) is valid for one year (presumably until 05/31/2020) and guarantees no back-maintenance or penalties will be due for customers that make use of DAAP. In a state-of-the-union update SAP claimed as a win, that 800 customers have adopted its new document-based Digital Access policy since last year. This number reflects less than 1% of SAP’s customer base and, in our opinion, can hardly be seen as a success metric for the program so far. If you are one of the 800 customers who struck an early deal for Indirect Access last year, we recommend you contact your AM to revisit the purchase you made prior to DAAP.

The DAAP program offers a 2-step approach that begins with

  1. measuring your current document consumption rates and
  2. choosing a financial incentive option of either:
    • (Option B) covering 100% of your current document consumption at a 90% discount on list prices (also valid for maintenance),
    • or (Option A) purchasing at least 115% to cover current document consumption plus estimated growth

(example: your current use is determined to be 100,000 documents with 50% expected future growth — you receive a perpetual license for 150,000 worth of documents while paying for 50,000 [the growth portion], and SAP will apply the volume discount tier based on 150,000 documents).

Customers will have to calculate which scenario best suits their needs.

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