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Whitepaper -
Digital Access 2.0

Whitepaper -
Digital Access 2.0

All that you have to know about the new indirect acess of SAP

The topic of indirect access has been causing a lot of unrest among SAP users for years now. For a long time, there were no precise  regulations on this from the SAP side. In April 2018, a definition was published on how indirect access has to be licensed in the future.

As an SAP customer, you are now faced with the difficult choice of whether to use the new pricing model or whether to stick with your old, negotiated version. Only new customers do not have this choice – they start directly with the new pricing model for indirect access.

At the beginning of 2019 at the latest, a new Support Package will add another engine measurement to the normal USMM measurement. In the future, nine different
document types created by non-SAP systems will be counted. These will then be subject to a charge. Their updating or modification, on the other hand, is free of charge, just like any information output from SAP.

At this point it becomes confusing for many companies, because at the present time it is not clear which way is best to go. Many companies are therefore asking themselves
the same question:

  • Does it make sense to simply wait until the measurement is carried out automatically?
  • Are my old contracts possibly sufficient?
  • Can precautions be taken to avoid falling into an undefined cost trap?

This whitepaper is designed to help you answer these and other questions and help you choose the right option. We‘ll show you how to determine your current situation and use this information to make the right decision about the different licensing options.

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Table of content

  1. What is indirect access?
  2. Current situation
  3. Keep the old contract and do nothing
  4. Select the new definitions and thus the count of the defined documents
  5. Contract changeover in combination with a migration (within the old system
    or S/4HANA)
  6. The different starting points
  7. Indirect access is already regulated 
  8. Research for indirect access already started but not yet contractually regulated
  9. No preparatory work for indirect access
  10. Payment models for indirect access
  11. Field report: SAP tool for analyzing indirect access
  12. Effective license management and optimization processes.
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What is indirect access?

Previously, the term indirect access was used when SAP technology was used unlicensed for productive added value. However, the definitions of what exactly represents this added value were very different. In some cases, the provision of information out of SAP was already regarded as indirect access and had to be licensed as such.

In April 2018, SAP published a new white paper entitled „SAP ERP Pricing for the Digital Age,“ in which a concrete definition
is now available:
„Indirect/Digital Access is when people or things use the Digital Core without directly logging into the system. It occurs when humans, any device or system, indirectly use the Digital Core via non-SAP intermediary software, such as a non-SAP front-end, a custom-solution, or any other third-party application. It also occurs when non-human devices, bots, automated systems, etc. use the Digital Core in any way.“

In the future, the following nine business documents will be subject to licensing if they are created in SAP by non-SAP systems:

  • Sales Document
  • Invoice Document
  • Purchase Document
  • Service & Maintenance Document
  • Manufactoring Document
  • Time Management Document
  • Quality Management
  • Document Material Document
  • Financial Document

SAP has announced that these nine documents will be measured by the USMM tool from November 2018 (although we expect it to be at the beginning of 2019). The ability to automatically measure indirect access puts SAP in a completely new position: the company now automatically receives information about indirect access as part of the annual license measurement. To date, an extensive audit has been necessary. Thanks to this initial situation, SAP will increasingly
try to persuade customers to switch contracts or migrate to S/4 by uncovering indirect access.

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