Unfriendly SAP Audits – Will you be next?

Unfriendly SAP Audits – Will you be next?

We ran a quick poll during our last webinar and asked participants, who’s been through an unfriendly SAP audit. The outcome was revealing, and drove home the point of how important optimal license management is.

SAP Audit – Facts and Figures

While 38% of respondents didn’t have an audit within the past 5 years, 54% had one in the last two years. In 8% of the cases an audit was announced. These numbers prove the fact that the activity in the field of SAP audits increased.

What’s an SAP Audit, anyway?

Let’s go back to the beginning. Organizations which didn’t have an SAP audit yet, may ask themselves, how an SAP audit is performed.

Auditors take a look into the systems to check if users performed activities which are not allowed according to their assigned license. A ‘Professional’ user who only performs ‘Employee’-type activities (a sign of being overlicensed) won’t be pointed out be the audit team. To the contrary, only users who are underlicensed (‘Employee” license who performs activities only allowed by a ‘Professional’) is counted as license offense. If the auditor finds 10 within 100 users who are under licensed in a sample, it’s common practice for SAP to extrapolate and demand to license 10% of all existing users with higher-value licenses.

Conclusion: An SAP audit is performed by technical SAP auditors; it is unpleasant and leads to large additional payments in the most cases.

Can a Company protect itself from an Audit?

Actually, that is very hard! The best way to meet such a situation is to be optimally prepared for the worst case. If an audit takes place within your company, you should be able to answer all questions. The first step of preparation is to know the criteria on which SAP chooses companies for the next audit.

Who’s Next on their List?

Audits cost SAP money, and like many other business situations, audits are all about profitability. Correspondingly, the next audit takes place where the highest gain can be expected. And this expectation is best met in companies, where the auditors can be sure to surprise customer teams with unknown facts, as many SAP customers have no clear data or transparency within their license management approach.

Automated SAP License Management as your Audit Antidote

What really helps, is knowledge that all your employees are correctly licensed. Even better, if you can prove this to SAP using data. This is where our optimization tool comes into play – samQ helps you automatically manage and report on your license position. You can’t prevent the audit, but at VOQUZ we like to say you can control the outcome: license assignment following objective algorithms, enabling compliance and cost reductions. This way, you can stand your ground and argue with SAP at eye level.

What’s the right solution for this problem? – Active license management! Get in top shape with samQ.



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