SAP License Management – The Stepchild of SAM Tools?

SAP License Management – The Stepchild of SAM Tools?

SAM tools that help optimize software License Management are a dime a dozen. But one major vendor was neglected in nearly all of them: the License Management of SAP licenses.

SAP License Management – A riddle wrapped up in an enigma

Many companies dread the implementation of a SAP License Management – the topic seems way too chaotic to understand. Why is the SAP landscape as complex as this? One reason is, that there is not only a vast number of old and new sorts of licenses, but also tons of different variations of custom license types.

Excel-sheets, USMM-protocols, SLAW 1 and 2 – How do you keep track of all this?

Actually, even a task as simple as counting active users is more complex than it seems. License Management – Sometimes it even seems as there is no logical methodology at all. Therefore, it’s getting more and more challenging to keep track of all the Excel-sheets, USMM-records, LAW 1 and 2 during a system measurement. And the confusion is getting worse every year …

Only a few SAM-Tools can really support you in your SAP License Management

Therein lies the answer to the question, why SAM tools have such problems when they offer SAP management in addition to asset management. If even counting in these landscapes is too hard, in SAP it’s getting even harder, as you have to count and consolidate several systems at the same time. Some tools can tackle this counting task. But once the topic of optimization comes into play, only a handful of solutions remain.

The be-all and end-all of license optimization: Know your License Position

If you want to optimize your SAP licenses, there is one thing you really need: real-time insights into your optimized License Position, which serves as a base for software purchases and cost adjustments. To be honest, a basic understanding of your own licenses and your license landscape won’t withstand a license measurement. In addition, you should have a deeper sense of SAP entitlement comprehension to actually have a complete overview of the situation. This comprehension should be enabled by and reflected in a SAP-specific SAM solution.

The right tool masters License Optimization

If you want an exact result in terms of your SAP licenses, you better choose a solution, which is in the market. It’s important that the tool you select, is easy to implement and has the right expertise. The market offers satisfying solutions, which can untangle the organizational chaos in SAP by technical means and send the optimized results to any SAM-tool.



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