SAP improves detection of Indirect Access – How dangerous are their new notes?

SAP improves detection of Indirect Access – How dangerous are their new notes?

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As soon as the new year has begun, there are already news about Indirect Access. While optimizing our samQ tool, we came across two new SAP notes that will certainly be of interest to you…

We are talking about the following two notes:
2657803 – Digital Access: central packages
2669358 – Preparation for Note 2657803 “Digital Access: central packages”
As usual, SAP customers can download them from the SAP Marketplace.

When we discovered the notes, we were very curious about whether they would enable a better, transparent disclosure of indirectly generated documents. Since the last SAP note (2644139) was also supposed to analyze Indirect Access (but isn’t that successful) our expectations about the new notes were not very high. But hey, this time they did try a little bit harder to determine Indirect Access.

What do the new notes offer?

Going through existing SAP tables for hours has now come to an end! Now, structures developed specifically for Indirect Access are included into the SAP systems. These can then be used to identify relatively exactly everything that has been generated in documents within SAP. The consequence: The rest is generated indirectly.
With the previous note 2644139, all documents were counted and no distinction was made between indirect and SAP internal generation. A certain percentage of the documents was then simply assessed as Indirect Access.

Do I have to use the notes immediately?

An installation is not yet mandatory. The use of USMM2, where the counting of all documents currently takes place, is also not mandatory at the moment.
Please be aware: If you install the SAP note in your systems, Indirect Access can be detected by SAP. If you then don’t have objective data to prove the opposite, you must accept the results from SAP and pay for the discovered Indirect Access.

Be clever: get an overview of your Indirect Access without having to fall back on SAP’s information. Software such as samQ, which automatically detects your Indirect Access, is ideal for this purpose. With the results you have a solid ground for a discussion with SAP.

Even if the use of the notes is not yet mandatory, there is still a great risk for the future. In our opinion, these notes will very soon be promoted as the basis for the annual measurement. SAP is already demanding new notes for the annual measurement.

What does the definition of Indirect Access say?

Don’t wait for the notes to become mandatory and for you to be surprised by the detected Indirect Access. In any case, it is advisable that you already have an existing definition of your Indirect Access. With a definition you can insist on keeping the old solution and don’t have to change. Remember: a mix of old solutions with the counting of Digital Access is not planned by SAP.

What do I have to do?

For you this means determining your Indirect Access as quickly as possible, possibly negotiating a special solution with SAP and thus determining the most cost-effective option. An SAP license optimization software like samQ can support you. At the moment we are in the process of integrating the use of the new structures into samQ. With samQ you can already determine all further possible details of an Indirect Access.

We will continue to examine the new notes and report on them here.



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