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SAP Contract Negotiations: Maximizing Value from your SAP Agreements

In today’s economic climate SAP customers can no longer afford to be over-spending on enterprise software. Optimizing licensing spend and associated maintenance costs is critical to effective cost control. SAP contract negotiations and contract renewals are a key opportunities for SAP customers to prevent long-term overspend, optimize licensing costs, and maximise value from SAP agreements. Join VOQUZ Labs and SAP software licensing experts FisherITS to learn how to negotiate your upcoming contract renewal with confidence. Discover the common money-wasting pitfalls to avoid and explore how to combine SAP expertise, and data driven insights to get the best commercial outcomes for your business.

In this video we will cover the following:

  • SAP contracts and contract negotiation opportunities explained
  • Identifying addressable spend and optimizing maintenance costs
  • User Optimization: Selecting the correct SAP licence type for your users
  • Shelfware optimization: Dealing with redundant software, and surplus license assets
  • Digital Access Licences (Managing indirect access)
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