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Test your full Optimization Potential with our extended PoC or quick check one of your SAP systems
with mini samQ.

SAP License Quick
Assessment (PoC)

We offer a samQ Proof of Concept exercise for only $3900 as standard.

However, for the next three months we are extending the PoC scope from a limited subset of SAP systems to include ALL of your SAP systems!

Your PoC deliverable will include your optimization report and analysis of all key license management risks and issues.

One 90 minute set-up session, Three 60 minute customization sessions and 10 hours of resource time is all we need to run the PoC and you will have all the insights you need to start saving money on SAP licensing!

I want the extended PoC!

Mini samQ

Test one of your SAP systems free
of charge!
Mini samQ checks in a quick and
simple way whether all users in a
selected SAP system are correctly
distributed, e.g. whether users are
over- or under-licensed.
…and this is how it works!
Download the Transport
Enter the license key (you will
receive it with the request for Mini
Perform a small customizing in a
few minutes
Start Compliance Check

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