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Automated allocation and optimization of SAP licenses with samQ
Complex SAP landscapes often lack a precise overview of the current license inventory and future license requirements. The manual license management involves high personnel efforts and time. Optimizing the license inventory is almost impossible. To save costs and reduce compliance risks VOQUZ implemented its license management tool samQ for a customer in the insurance sector.


Each SAP customer faces the same challenge: how do we classify individual SAP users in our system? In SAP ERP, each user must be assigned a named user license. The license manager decides who gets a Professional, Limited Professional, Employee or ESS user license based on both experience and lastly gut feeling. This method is too imprecise and error-prone for our customer. Our customer wanted to know more and they wanted to be on the safe side of licensing.

In addition to the compliance aspect, our customer had yet another reason for introducing a software tool for managing licenses. Up until recently, users had to be manually assigned a license and user data had to be entered for each and every user. This process was incredibly time-consuming. Furthermore, it became increasingly difficult to keep an accurate overall picture, as all license information of the 1,500 SAP users have been compiled into one Excel file. A user list had to be exported for each of the three SAP systems and the information had to be compiled in the Excel spreadsheet in order to compare the license data across all systems. This enormous administrative expenses unnecessarily costs companies’ time and personnel resources. Therefore, the objective must be to implement a license management tool that can automate all of these processes and execute them repeatedly.

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Contact with VOQUZ already came about by the beginning of 2014 through a sales-related direct approach. In order get an accurate picture of samQ’s potential, our customer decided first to have a test installation done. After a two-month test phase, our customer decided to buy samQ. The quick and easy installation, in addition to the tool’s functionality, has convinced the responsible license manager.

After all, samQ can be set up within a day with very little effort because it needs to be installed on only one customer’s system with NetWeaver. After all relevant SAP entities were connected to this system, the user data from the SU01 and the transaction logs have been transmitted to samQ. These data were anonymized and then transmitted over an SSL-encrypted connection to VOQUZ. Issues with data privacy? There weren’t any, because we provided our customer with detailed documentation to reassure them about the safe use of their data right from the get-go. Furthermore, only technical data were transmitted. Personal data were not transmitted to VOQUZ. Coding the data ensured against anyone drawing inferences about individuals.

Usage data was analyzed and evaluated within the VOQUZ system. The optimization engine, which is a transaction database, was of central importance for this process. It includes all possible transactions in SAP and evaluates these transactions with corresponding, necessary license types. Usage data was checked against this database and the correct license determined. If this usage data differed from the previously assigned license, then samQ automatically changed the information after the data transfer back into our customer’s system.

samQ also facilitates reporting and depicts the current state of the license distribution compared to the last survey and contractual details. This allowed our customer to find out that they needed a significantly higher amount of Limi-ted Professional User licenses than stipulated in the ratio clause of their SAP contract. With this knowledge, our client has created the perfect basis for their next SAP negotiations. This way, they can negotiate to buy Limited Professional licenses instead of the much more expensive Professional User licenses. This way, our customer not only saves considerable cost when buying licenses, but also reduces maintenance and follow-up costs, which are based on a percentage of the purchase price. In other words: Optimize once, save twice.

Our customer particularly appreciates that samQ is easy to use and that it runs independently, without having to constantly pay for additional consulting services. The tool does not act because of governing motivation. It acts from the bottom-up. Automated licensing and facilitated reporting make it the perfect tool for SAP license management.

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What convinced our customert?

  • A sleek, easy optimization tool
  • No additional consultancy services required
  • Easy installation and routine updates
  • Saves time, costs, and personnel resources

What did our customer achieve with samQ?

  • Automated licensing based on actual SAP usage
  • Legal security thanks to software license compliance
  • Simplified reporting
  • More exact overview of the license inventory to use in later negotiations with SAP
  • Reduction in licensing fees and maintenance costs via optimized license distribution

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