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samQ Case Study -

International automotive and industry supplier cuts SAP licensing costs with samQ.

Growth is good, because it leads to progress. Every company wants to grow not only financially, but also in terms of its locations, product, or service portfolio. Meanwhile, structures are becoming increasingly complex, and so are SAP landscapes. Keeping track of everything and moving legally on the safe side while acting economically is a challenge, that can be easily solved by samQ.


One of our customers within the international automotive and industrial supply industry was faced with such a situation too. The company has a very complex SAP landscape with more than 50 systems and a number of users in the five-figure range. The SAP contract is worth 12 million euros and stipulated that the company was able to use SAP systems at will over a five-year period. After these five years license measurement was to be taken.

Our client was aware that they had to get an accurate overview of their SAP usage and license inventory. This, after all, was the only way to prevent from incurring high maintenance fees or additional payments in the case of under-licensing in the future. Therefore, the license inventory had to be optimized. Our client needed to know exactly how its employees were using SAP. However, this was not possible with the existing tool that allocated SAP licenses based on permissions and user roles.

Moreover, it was clear that license measurement preparation would be very tedious and require a lot of effort from staff. Until then, there were no standardized processes for data acquisition, analysis, and delivery and our customer was not able to quickly and automatically retrieve information on possible over- or under-licensing.


For this reason, our client launched a project to optimize their processes regarding the SAP license measurement. They wanted to know more about how their users work with the SAP systems, whether they have the necessary permissions, and whether they have the optimal license. With these findings the license inventory should then be optimized in order to really only have as many licenses as necessary.

The objective here was to reduce the costs of new licenses, replacement licenses, and maintenance by optimizing the license inventory. Under-licensing, and its consequent additional payments or even legal penalties, were not to be risked. Additionally, possible over-licensing should be prevented, so as not to pay any more royalties than necessary. The auto-mation of the measurement process should also free up staff capacities and provide measurement and compliance safety.

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After learning about samQ and comparing various providers of SAP license optimization tools, our customer decided for a proof of concept with VOQUZ. Within a week, samQ has been successfully installed as a trial version that was linked to 15 systems to identify the existing optimization potential. At the same time, samQ could easily be installed on the system of the SAP Solution Manager. This means that all of the necessary technical connections were already in place and the installation effort remained minimal.

In addition to an exceptionally short time to project, samQ‘s standardized basic mapping also helped to assign licenses to utilized SAP modules or SAP transactions. This way, our customer obtained initial results automatically and much faster than it is the case with competitors. For them, this step is usually carried out in the scope of a project that may take up to three months. The speed with which samQ delivers results has convinced our customer and within one month, they decided to use samQ company-wide.

The project of implementing samQ proved to be very organized and was carried out in several steps. First, the existing licenses were analyzed to find out what types of licenses already existed and how many licenses per type have already been purchased. As a result, more than 100,000 users had been found to have absolutely no license key at all. During measurement, these users would have been automatically assigned a Professional license, which is one of the most expensive licenses. Based on information collected by samQ on the usage behavior of each user, it was possible to ascertain who is actually a Project, Logistics, or Worker User. These licenses are much cheaper and were automatically assigned to the users.

Limited Professional Users could also be defined with samQ thanks to its detailed usage analysis. samQ determined which transactions and modules a Limited Professional User utilizes and this definition was then recorded in the samQ customizing. The result of the subsequent optimization was a transparent and audit-compliant license distribution. This allowed our client to achieve high cost savings, because purchase of additional licenses turned out to be a lot more affordable than planned. KPMG, one of the Big Four auditing institutes, has confirmed that this usage-based license allocation is valid, accountable, and above all replicable.

With the use of samQ, our customer has optimized their license inventory and could thus transparently limit their license expenses to what was actually needed. By analyzing SAP user behavior, licenses are now based on transactions rather than solely on permissions. Thereby, it has been found that some users also get along well with a lower grade type of license with limited usage rights. No expensive license types had to be purchased, and our customer was able to achieve seven-figure cost savings.

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What convinced our customer?

  • Expert advice and in-depth SAP license expertise
  • Fast installation and configuration of the tool and, therefore, fast delivery of results
  • An automated and transparent licensing process
  • Straightforward handling and easy to understand tool customization

What did our customer achieve with samQ?

  • Process optimization by using a tool
  • Sparing staffing resources, time, and costs in the seven-figure range
  • Exact overview of the current license inventory
  • Compliance confirmed by auditors
  • Excellent preparation for SAP audit

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