Release note: samQ v3.6

samQ delivers data to any SAM tool
The optimization data determined in samQ is often required in license management systems together with other non-SAP license data. A general cockpit is now available for selecting and transferring this data from samQ to any SAM tool. In this cockpit, you define exactly which data is selected in samQ and automatically transferred to the SAM tool.

In this way, we automatically provide our partners, such as MATRIX42, with the required data. Other SAM tools can now also easily define which data is required in their own license management tool. They are then automatically accessible.

Order in development systems
samQ has been automatically optimizing the development systems for a long time. However, there were discrepancies between customers and SAP, about users who did not receive developer licenses, but other licenses with costs.

Actually, only the developers for license measurement should be relevant for a fee in development systems.

samQ now provides very convenient help for this. In the new version 3.6.0, all other users that are created in addition to the developers can be provided with a corresponding license. This gives the user the free choice, for example, of issuing a free test license.

The result: less findings of licenses in the LAW, which actually would not have been charged at all.

License view adapted to latest license developments
In the past, nearly nobody had two or more licenses in SAP. Unfortunately, the tendency towards second or even third licenses has changed considerably. Especially the defined Lim. Professional Licenses caused a strong multiple licensing. The licensing of certain technical users has also found its way into license management.

We have taken this recent tendence into account in samQ. Now you can see the total sum of all fee-based licenses in the license report. Regardless of whether there are combination licenses, technical users or the well-known dialog users as single licenses.

In addition, some adjustments have again been made to make the required data and reports even clearer.

A little help – temporarily exclude modules from optimization
We have to admit, you don’t need this function very often. But from time to time you might want to know how the license landscape changes when a certain license form is omitted. Until now, this analysis had to be carried out more or less laboriously in samQ analysis mode.

Now this is easier! Entire modules can be excluded from the optimization as soon as the optimization is started. This allows you to analyze different effects of certain license types very quickly.

For setQ customers
When planning the allocation of authorizations, a planned license must also be determined. This can become complicated if several variants are available for selection. samQ now offers the quick analysis from setQ in the new release. Send the transaction package to samQ and get the optimal license key back immediately. Done!

Developer or no developer?
You may have asked yourself this question several times. Not everyone who has a developer key and uses development objects has to be a developer. samQ now automatically shows which developers have only developed or changed locally, i.e. from which a result was never transported further into a test system. This makes development activities more transparent and helps to further reduce license costs in addition to existing developer reports.

Digital Access – automatic document determination in samQ now even easier
samQ already determines the chargeable documents in relation to the Digital Access since the last release. The technical counting in the systems can take a lot of time as a job and should therefore always be started as a background job. This is now automatically possible in samQ.

In addition, further useful additional information about the new Tasktypes Report is provided when determining the critical interfaces. Here you can see at a glance where critical activities occur and in what quantity.

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