Release note: samQ v3.4

The new samQ release brings you some innovative features and a renewed performance improvement of our automatic processes.

Managing Multiple Licensing
From now on you can automatically handle rare cases of multiple licensing. samQ automatically recognizes which users need multiple licenses and distributes them in the background. This eliminates a Compliance risk that has recently been criticized by SAP. This had to be manually entered into samQ before. Now it’s done automatically according to your Customizing specifications.

Prohibited work areas
In Customizing, you can define not only – as before – what can be used for licensing, but also what isn’t allowed to be used. samQ automatically recognizes forbidden work areas for certain users and reacts accordingly in the background.

Licensing according to authorization
More and more often, SAP is urging customers to switch their licensing to authorizations. In the past, we have already made sure that these settings are managed and used automatically by samQ. With the new master switch, this conversion is now child’s play. If the role contents are available (the determination of this information is already a feature in samQ), you can switch from actual use to assigned roles at the push of a button. With samQ reporting, you can immediately see which users have changed with this measure.

To see this and all other reports even more quickly, we have once again integrated the turbo! This allows you to call up most reports or analysis data even faster, while samQ automatically carries out its daily license optimization in the background.

Transaction-based database even more comfortable
Almost all of our customers use our transaction-based database directly on premises. This is now even more convenient for you. In addition to information about third party applications and unknown or known transactions, it is now also possible for the customer to make changes directly in the database.

If new transactions are discovered that are important for automatic licensing, they can now be evaluated immediately by the customer himself and are immediately available for license optimization. This makes sense, for example, with new customer codes or when introducing new processes. The license effects are immediately effective.

LAW1 and LAW2
Last but not least, we also dedicated ourselves to the functionalities of LAW1 and LAW2, so that they are linked to samQ. This makes a quick analysis possible which reveals the reasons why there are differences to the optimization result. This closes the gap to LAW2 and samQ can work automatically with the data from both LAW versions.

In addition, we are introducing a customer-specific license key for samQ version 3.4. You need this free license key to be able to upgrade to samQ Version 3.4, so you can still use the full scope of the included services.

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