Release note: samQ v3.3

With the samQ Release 3.3 we provide you with useful and necessary features that further simplify, complement and improve your license optimization.

Licensing of Technical Users
From now on, SAP also includes technical users (for which a license type has been entered) into the measurement and demands license fees for them. It does not matter whether these technical users really need to be licensed or not.

From now on, samQ automatically solves this problem by identifying all technical users who have been assigned a license type. This offers you two advantages, as you can thereby:

  1. correct wrong decisions of the past
  2. integrate the technical users (who really have to be licensed) into the licensing optimization of samQ

Thereby samQ ensures that you only license those technical users, where licensing is required.

LAW Snapshot
Measuring the license landscape is always a challenge. After the measurement an uncertainty remains whether LAW has validated correctly or not. The LAW Snapshot now gives you clarity!
samQ determines a license key from all license keys in the individual systems per user and writes it into each SAP system – all that by the push of a button. Thus, LAW does not have to validate anymore, because there is the same key for every user in every system. The result is a completely transparent license landscape.

Health Check
You might know the scenario: One of the results in samQ looks unusual. Could there be something wrong? Has the optimization not been done somewhere? With these questions, troubleshooting begins at various points in SAP.

Until now, you had to go step by step through the various areas within the troubleshooting, to be sure that the optimization result was not falsified by a covert technical error. The Health Check focuses on one central point in the searching process and triggers the error analysis at a single click.

Performance Improvement for Authorization Analysis
Authorization analysis is one of the most recent features in samQ. Previously, it was used to analyze which assigned permissions are really used by individual users or user groups. Meanwhile our customers need this analysis in a wider range. With the current samQ release, this is now possible with improved performance.

Reactivation of whole groups
The automatic user optimization in samQ is very popular. With samQ you can automatically deactivate users who have not been active in SAP for a defined period of time.

The proceeding is very simple: If you want to reactivate an user (and the former timestamp is still valid), you can do this by just one click in the samQ user profile.

With the samQ release 3.3 the reactivation gets even more comfortable. From now on, you can easily do the changes in the central user list of samQ. Thus, even entire groups can be reactivated quickly and easily, without switching between individual user profiles.

Other advantages
By improving the transaction evaluations, the transaction database will become even more transparent and even better on premise for our customers.

In the new release, we also extended the possible exclusion criteria for license optimization by new criteria. This results in an even more differentiated classification of certain persons or groups from different functionalities of samQ.

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