Release note: samQ v3.1

Indirect Access Risk Analyzer

It’s one thing to detect Indirect Access, but it’s a bigger challenge to understand and mitigate Indirect Access exposure – and to continue monitoring external interfaces for future Indirect Access non-compliance risk. 2017 was the first year that SAP sued customers for non-compliance of Indirect Access. The Indirect Access Risk Analyzer by samQ has you covered for a 360 degree view.

In the new release, samQ autonomously captures new critical interfaces and calculates a risk index for discoveries. It also automatically monitors previously identified items by means of a risk level threshold system.

Customers can adjust this system according to their own requirements. If thresholds are exceeded, a predefined alert is triggered – thus, you can be sure that a permanent monitoring of critical interfaces automatically takes place.

samQ optimizes Fiori activities

By now, more and more organizations have rolled out SAP Fiori. One challenge of its use: user activities don’t take place in SAP any longer, but there are completely new and unknown functions.

This is where the newest samQ release comes in handy: Fiori activities aren’t unknown any longer and you don’t have to manually identify them afterwards. Instead, they are identified by a new Collector and automatically integrated into samQ’s scheduled routine License Optimization runs. Therefore, it’s irrelevant if a user is working directly in SAP, or communication is running via different Fiori apps from the web browser – samQ can detect and manage both for automatic optimizations.

Individual Optimization Database

As a samQ customer you benefit from the Optimization Engine by VOQUZ. Of course you will continue to benefit from the advantages this database service offers. In addition, the new release offers you the opportunity to run your own Optimization Engine specific to your company. The maintenance of the content will still be performed by VOQUZ.

In addition, you have various further advantages with the new release:

• Fast identification of third party applications or new unknown processes
• More detailed monitoring of custom-developed transactions
• Vast performance increases in optimization by omission of https-connection

Download support, wherever you are located in samQ

Partial information, custom lists, analysis results, and much more items have to be saved to work with them outside the SAP system. samQ now offers tailored download functionality including filter options, to only extract the data you need.

Reporting is organized in a better order

In past releases, many reports were added to samQ over time – often built by VOQUZ as a response to customer requests. With time, so much information about active license activities was provided via samQ that the prescribed number of listed reports in SAP was exceeded. That’s why it’s time to arrange them in a new order. Now you can easily find the right information just two clicks away within the corresponding report group. With added clarity, samQ makes navigating through menus even easier.

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