Release note: samQ v3.0

This autumn, our licensing and optimization tool samQ has received another make-over. With samQ 3.0, the system survey is not only more transparent, but also clearer and easier. In addition to a new LAW Workbench and extensions for authorization analysis, existing functions have been reworked at samQ.

More by LAW Workbench

With the help of the new LAW Workbench the results of the SAP tool LAW are compared with the samQ calculations and discrepancies are revealed. With samQ it was already possible to automate and centralize the system survey for annual self-reports to SAP. The new LAW Workbench now makes it possible to display the results more clearly, as there is a direct drill down to the user or client level.

New feature for authorization analysis

samQ 3.0 is used to check whether the SAP user accesses certain authorizations or whether there is a possible authorization overhang. samQ optimizes user licenses based on actual usage, but companies use many role and authorization concepts for the licensing of SAP users. This may inevitably lead to over-licensing, since authorizations are often not fully utilized.

Improvement of existing functions

Of course we have also looked at and improved our already existing functions. Our samQ report is now more interactive and allows an accurate analysis of the individual results by drill down. By optimizing the representations in the Fiori dashboard, we give the license managers an optimal overview of current consumption values. By introducing an alert function, users can be warned in time if the quantity of certain license types is consumed or critical, or if package consumption is reached.

New samQ pricing model

In our samQ pricing, we have turned on the set screws so that all modules of the license optimization tool are available at a uniform price. In the future, the additional costs for the use of the Fiori dashboard and the system measurement module will be dispensed with. This new pricing model will simplify SAP licensing and update offerings to new samQ versions.

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