Release note: samQ 3.7.0

samQ 3.7.0 – samQ in a new look and with automatic Digital Access Analysis

The new samQ release represents two significant leaps forward. Automated counting of Digital Access directly in samQ and a completely new Management Dashboard for improved visibility of key licensing information and enhanced user experience

Automated Digital Access Analysis

No other topic is currently higher on the agenda of the SAP community as digital access.

samQ has been able to analyze indirect usage activity for many years followed by more recent developments in identifyingchargeable documents for SAP’s new digital access licensing model.

Then last year SAP introduced “Passport” to count these documents step by step into the different SAP releases. First in a rather rudimentary version, then more and more mature and counting down to the deepest depths of the SAP system, if a “Passport” version was available in the relevant SAP system.

This uncertainty has come to an end with samQ 3.7.0. samQ now determines in the new version whether a “Passport” version exists in the connected SAP systems and if so, which documents “Passport” has counted in the system. SamQ then displays the Passport Digital Document measurement results within the standard samQ engine report.  This means that the tedious search for “Passport” in each individual system is no longer necessary and the determined documents no longer have to be laboriously analyzed, they are now simply available for inspection in samQ.

Web-based Management Dashboard

Existing samQ customers will already be familiar with samQ Fiori based management dashboard. However, not every customer has the Fiori technology that is needed for this to display properly. Firstly we wanted to solve this problem to make samQ as user friendly as possible for all customers. And secondly we wanted to improve how samQ reports key licensing risks and license optimization data. 

The new release ofsamQ will have a completely new management dashboard based on Angular technology. This means that samQ is now free from the restrictions posed by the existing Fiori technology. . The new dashboard can be installed in 5 minutes and we will continue to expanddashboard functionality with new cloud consumption measurement functionality already in the development pipeline.

At the moment we are providing the following data in the new management dashboard:

  • Complete customer license inventory
  • Optimized classification of all Users
  • Optimized distribution of existing license assets. 
  • Summary of over licensed and under licensed users
  • Consolidated engine measurement values from all SAP systems
  • Measurement of chargeable digital documents
  • Financial reporting on compliance risks 
  • Financial reporting on surplus software


As always, the new samQ release contains many small improvements, including necessary changes and bug fixes. Here are the most important changes  from the new release:

  • samQ Report license costs extended by a price indication
  • Improvement of the samQ Report Alert Check
  • Extension of the GPV information
  • Licensing by single roles is now also possible in master data mapping
  • Information improvement in the identification of inactive users
  • Improving the information in the transactional database
  • Additional information about Fix licenses was integrated into the existing user list

The new samQ version is available in our download portal. U must be registered there to download it.

download portal:

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We wish you much success with the new release 3.7.0 of samQ!

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