Release note: samQ 3.6.3

Release samQ 3.6.3 a small facelift

This currency was overdue:

This new feature is small, but considering that over 400 customers worldwide use samQ, from Brazil to the United States and across Europe, Africa and Asia, it’s really overdue. As of release 3.6.3, the national currency can now be determined and is also displayed as such in the samQ report. So far, the monetary numbers were completely without currency, you just thought of your own currency. Now you can see them too.

Development objects are becoming more transparent:

Ultimately, it is critical whether a developer has actually developed or ultimately released their development, or never used their Code. In order to support these results transparently, samQ separates development objects into active and inactive. This helps to define exactly whether a person with a development key really developed and really needs this expensive license.

Revision of the fill up module:

Sometimes the devil is in detail. The Fill up module is one of the oldest customizing modules from samQ, but also one of the most adapted. SamQ has been adapted to cover for the changes in SAP Licencing complexity over time and therefore different functionalities often interlock. We have completely revised the Fill up module so that licensed technical users are now also involved and the user from the module of the fixed users is not involved in the fill-up activities.

Improvement through automation:

One of samQ first features is being automated, the manual customer code collector. Of course, the customer codes are further collected and also separated into used and unused, and sorted according to their frequency of use. But you no longer have to run it manually. This action now automatically happens in the background. One small step less, saving you time and money. The collector disappears from the processing menu and becomes automatic.

Digital access is also available in older SAP systems.

Functionality that was a little ahead of time, samQ can now count chargeable, indirectly generated documents even in older SAP releases. This rounds off the future picture and companies can have a complete picture of their digital access across all systems.

As always, a number of smaller bugs that we either identified internally or that were sent to us by our customers have been corrected.

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