Release note: samQ v2.0

For the new release of samQ, we have equipped our SAP license management tool with a new user interface numerous new analysis and optimization functions. The introduction of the Fiori interface allows new visualization and analysis options. This is worth the jump from version 1.8 to 2.0. We are continuously improving the user interface to add new functions to samQ.

What you can expect from samQ 2.0:

Easy-to-use and modern interface thanks to SAP Fiori

With the new release, samQ gets a major facelift with the optional Fiori user interface. The new interface now allows graphical data visualization, at a glance overviews as well as alert messages. In the future, further analysis functions based on SAP Fiori will be added leading to a significantly improved user experience. Thanks to the Fiori Add-on, samQ can also be used on mobile devices like tablets. However, all core functions of samQ are still available in the SAP GUI.

Analysis mode & license scenarios

Analyzes can now be run with any desired customizing settings, without changing existing settings or deactivating the daily optimization. Favorable constellations can be saved or applied directly. This way, samQ users can develop licensing scenarios that take into account license types that are not yet in their license portfolio.

Templates for standard licenses

For the aforementioned analysis functions and license scenarios, samQ provides new templates for Worker, Logistics and Project User license types. More templates follow.


samQ supports the automated distribution of the Multi-Client license key and identifies the user’s primary SAP system. Thus, each user is assigned only one license key and difficulties during LAW consolidation, e.g. double billing, are avoided from the outset. The allocation of the Multi-Client license key is compliant to SAP regulations.

Automated system measurement

The optional engine measurement module has been extended to run and store complete USMM protocols. The module now automates both engine and user surveys across all SAP systems. The USMM measurement results, meaning the complete results logs, are stored historically in samQ and available at any time for various analyzes.

Optimized reports

We have also improved existing reports in the current samQ release. Users now get a quick overview of their current licensing situation with even fewer clicks. Also, now they can easily access information via the samQ menu or the samQ report which SAP users have been deactivated by samQ.

Fixed license mapping according to SU01 fields

In the new release, it is possible to distribute licenses based on field contents in the SU01. For example, a specific license can be allocated according to assigned roles or by department or groups. These users then are not taken into account for optimization, which leads to a much faster performance.

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