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samQ 3.7.0

samQ 3.7.0 – samQ in a new look and with automatic Digital Access Analysis The new samQ release represents two significant leaps forward. Automated counting of Digital Access directly in samQ and a completely new Management Dashboard for improved visibility of key licensing information and enhanced user experience Automated Digital Access Analysis No other topic …

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samQ 3.6.3

Release samQ 3.6.3 a small facelift This currency was overdue: This new feature is small, but considering that over 400 customers worldwide use samQ, from Brazil to the United States and across Europe, Africa and Asia, it’s really overdue. As of release 3.6.3, the national currency can now be determined and is also displayed as …

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samQ 3.6.3 (german)

Release samQ 3.6.3 ein kleines Facelifting Diese Währung war überfällig: Dieses neue Feature ist klein, aber wenn man bedenkt, dass über 400 Kunden weltweit samQ im Einsatz haben, von Brasilien, über die USA und quer durch Europa, dann ist das wirklich überfällig. Ab Release 3.6.3 kann jetzt die Landeswährung bestimmt werden und wird als solche …

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samQ v3.6.2 (german)

Erstes Release 2020: samQ 3.6.2 ist jetzt verfügbar! Das erste samQ Release im Jahr 2020 kann sich sehen lassen. Wir haben wieder eine Vielzahl sinnvoller und nützlicher Änderungen vorgenommen, ohne unsere Kunden mit einer komplett neuen Benutzerführung zu konfrontieren. Lesen Sie selbst…. System- und netzwerkunabhängige interne Verrechnung Stellen Sie sich folgendes Szenario vor: Ein Unternehmen …

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samQ v3.6.2

First release 2020: samQ v3.6.2 is now available! The first samQ release in 2020 is quite impressive – samQ v3.6.2. We have once again made a number of sensible and useful changes without confronting our customers with a completely new user interface. Read it yourself… System and network independent internal billing Imagine the following scenario: …

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samQ v3.6.1

The focus of this release is on the user grouping, which now leaves nothing to be desired. Test us and prove us wrong! Complex license distribution In the past, we were repeatedly confronted with new versions of license distribution requests deviant from standard, which often arose from traditional corporate structures. Now we have enriched samQ …

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samQ v3.6

samQ delivers data to any SAM toolThe optimization data determined in samQ is often required in license management systems together with other non-SAP license data. A general cockpit is now available for selecting and transferring this data from samQ to any SAM tool. In this cockpit, you define exactly which data is selected in samQ …

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samQ v3.5

We have finished our second samQ release in 2019! In this release we reacted again to the long-running issue of Indirect Access. The identification of the documents that are actually generated indirectly is now automated and completely integrated into samQ. Counting of indirectly generated documents Currently, all generated documents are counted in SAP’s USMM2. Therefore, …

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samQ v3.4.5

In the current samQ release, you can expect numerous work-saving enhancements, new features and some minor corrections – also with regard to SAP software alterations. No more separation between components and transactions within CustomizingYou can now mix components and transactions within the Customizing section. And that is not the only advantage! We have extended the …

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samQ v3.4

The new samQ release brings you some innovative features and a renewed performance improvement of our automatic processes. Managing Multiple LicensingFrom now on you can automatically handle rare cases of multiple licensing. samQ automatically recognizes which users need multiple licenses and distributes them in the background. This eliminates a Compliance risk that has recently been …

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