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Optimized licenses and legally secure contracts in the S/4HANA world

Partner webinar with KPMG

Regardless of whether you are already in the process of changing over, whether you have already finished everything, or whether the entire changeover is still manageable, the S/4HANA changeover offers optimization options in every phase, but also risks of doing a great deal wrong.

Switching from users to metrics, introducing S/4HANA license types, switching to the cloud or introducing digital access, this and other important points should be seen together as a complex “total work of art” in such a way that the costs are optimally designed. This is exactly what you will learn in our webinar with KPMG.

For those who think that it’s all over because the change is complete, interesting details are still being discussed, which ensure compliance even after the changeover, show possibilities of reconfiguration and all of this is also future-proof.

If u want to see the recording of the Webinar please fill out the form and press submit. Thanks
If u want to see the recording of the Webinar please use a PC or Laptop and fill out the form there. Thanks

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