“Note 2644139” – A field report on SAP’s new Digital Access tool

“Note 2644139” – A field report on SAP’s new Digital Access tool

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  • “Note 2644139” – A field report on SAP’s new Digital Access tool

For 2 years now VOQUZ has been automatically determining Indirect Access in SAP ERP systems with its license optimization tool samQ. Regarding the new regulations for Digital Access, SAP now released a tool for SAP ERP (ECC) for the approximate determination of future license requirements. Under “Note 2644139” every customer can get the new tool from the SAP Marketplace.

However, to use the tool, you first have to import it into every SAP system and then collect the data centrally. With a little effort, you can also automate the data collection process.

Note as countercheck to samQ results

This work – without the recording of the note – has been done by samQ for 2 years now. However, you can now use this note to countercheck the critical interfaces samQ has found. Thereby you can very well establish a quantification, which was not possible before the single use of samQ. We are already working on how to automate the countercheck with this note in samQ.

Are the SAP results reliable?

According to SAP’s own statement, the note only provides an approximate rating. The reason is that it does not distinguish between the indirect and SAP internal creation. Consequently, you need a tool like samQ to generate the correct data basis. With this tool you can later sort the sheep from the goats.

It would be perfect, if SAP would soon provide a note with reliable results. Those could automatically be processed within samQ. As long as there are only approximations, it remains just a countercheck to the existing samQ results.

Everything important at a glance

Let’s summarize our findings:

– In order to analyze Indirect Access, samQ delivers the necessary raw data at the push of a button
– A review of this data is necessary for a transparent result of Indirect Access, but can be done centrally in samQ
– Right now SAP’s approximation tool can be used to quantify the data found by samQ more precisely
– Since you do not need this countercheck from all SAP systems, you do not need the SAP Note in every SAP system
– In the systems in which samQ has recognized Indirect Access, however, the note is very helpful and should be imported to compare its results with those found by samQ
– The difference between the results will show you an almost exact result of your Indirect Access

Many customers already use samQ and now have a clear idea of what they have to expect in terms of Indirect Access. Act now and start managing your SAP licenses! You can use the data to meet SAP at eye level during your next negotiations. Of course, the VOQUZ advisory team will help you in your negotioations!

Find all current information on Indirect Access in our new whitepaper “Digital Access 2.0“. Stay up to date!



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