How you easily license your indirect access

How you easily license your indirect access

Nearly every company has to deal with indirect access right now. The question is, how to handle the topic the right way? samQ and a statement by SAP might help you to solve this problem …

Statement by SAP

For quite a while now technical users in the systems are also identified during license measurements. They can be licensed, if there are performed license-relevant activities or if actual persons are defined as technical users. The SAP news said: „Non-dialog users, who are classified as paying users, are registered according to their classification.“

What does that mean?

If a license type is entered while registering a new user in SU01, the license measurement USMM will automatically read the license type and register him as a paying user.

Here samQ comes into Play

samQ identifies all license-relevant activities in the connected systems and thereby automatically supports the detection of indirect access. If you provide a license to every indirect working technical user, which is found, it is basically a licensing of the activity. Thereby, there is no danger to be accused of potentially using SAP without a license.

What is left, is to analyze the throughput, to finally find a license, which is suitable for the use. Exactly this throughput is monitored by samQ, which automatically alarms you, if you need to change your licensing.

It’s so easy to handle indirect access!



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