Digital Access and Passport – a good combination?

Digital Access and Passport – a good combination?

Measure or estimate? It is not quite clear how to finally get the right results of your Digital Access documents. Either way, the Note 2644139 from last year no longer applies. Now SAP1 says that the number of documents can be measured exactly according to the current Release and Support Package status, if….

Prerequisites for the exact document count

According to SAP1, it is required that companies have clearly separated their technical users between internal and external communication. But let’s be honest – who of you feels addressed here? We rather assume that 90% of all license managers or their employees can hardly make a reliable statement about this.

Of course, SAP can help you in this case: Because the majority of customers cannot distinguish between internal and external communication with absolute certainty, SAP offers to send in its Global License Audit and Compliance Team (GLAC) in order to manage the corresponding estimate together with the company.

Help from SAP?

But is it really wise to place yourself in the hands of the Global License Audit and Compliance Team without the right knowledge of your licenses? We have another suggestion. But nonetheless, we agree with SAP on one point: You should really find out which technical users in your company communicate with whom and about what. That’s the base for all further steps.
One possibility is to do this automatically with samQ. You will also need this information when a mandatory counting of the documents will take place next year. Get your own valid data, so you don’t necessarily have to fall back on the GLAC team here.

What’s even more important: get an idea of the actual number of chargeable documents. SAP’s Passport Tool provides you with this information. What’s even better: additionally countercheck the results with the one from samQ.

When do we get the Passport tool?

The provision of Passport is planned until November2. For the SAP Basis 7.02 SP04, for example, a deployment is announced in November 2019.
When Passport is available, measurements can be made, but only after a certain time has passed. The documents determined must then be extrapolated. What cannot be estimated at the moment: are subsequent documents recognized and not counted?

If we take a look at all the conditions, possibilities and prerequisites, there remains an uncertain feeling as to what the final figure will look like. This feeling gets better when you know in advance what to expect.


(1) Dirk Kästner, SAP S/4HANA Management & GTM Strategy
DSAG Webinar
SAP Digital Access and Digital Access Adoption Program
July, 26 2019


Michael Deller, Dirk Kästner May 7 – 9, 2019
Licensing Overview SAP S/4HANA on-premise



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