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Demystifying SAP Licensing to ensure license compliance and save costs

SAP licensing has always been complex. The introduction of indirect and digital access licensing options has not helped. To ensure compliance, many SAP customers license on the conservative side, often paying hundreds of thousands of dollars more than necessary.

This 45minute video, brought to you by expert SAP licensing consultants from VOQUZ Labs, will uncover the complexities of the various SAP license types and license models. You will be better prepared for license purchases, audit defense and any future license negotiations.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • better understand the nuances of SAP’s licensing models,
  • recognize predictable pitfalls,
  • learn about typical areas for optimisation,
  • understand where the potential for cost savings may be, and
  • learn how license optimisation software like samQ can help.

To be fair, you won’t leave the webinar as an expert, but you will certainly leave understanding a lot more about SAP licensing than you did before.

If u want to see the recording of the Webinar please fill out the form and press submit. Thanks
If u want to see the recording of the Webinar please use a PC or Laptop and fill out the form there. Thanks

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