Clever Connection: samQ & Matrix42 SAP Compliance

Clever Connection: samQ & Matrix42 SAP Compliance

How to avoid high SAP license costs with the right tools

SAP licensing means not only a lot of work, but also very high costs. With the new rules for Indirect Access and the challenges of S/4HANA migration, things aren’t getting easier. By assigning your SAP licenses automatically, you not only save a lot of manual work, but are also aware of over- or under-licensing. By optimizing your licenses, you are perfectly prepared for cases of Indirect Access or a S/4HANA migration.

On a regularly base SAP customers have to do a system measurement – and also regularly, these measurement results lead to displeasing surprises: the assigned licenses do not correspond to the actual usage. An under-licensing can lead to high additional payments!

There has been another danger for some weeks: With the new whitepaper “SAP ERP Pricing for the Digital Age”, SAP has introduced 9 document types which will be measured by their USMM tool starting in November.

The ability to automatically quantify Indirect Access puts SAP in an unprecedented position to force non-compliance conversations with all customers. By these means the topic of a S/4HANA migration will automatically come up – SAP will try to convince its customers to migrate directly to the new system.

Therefore, a license optimization is more important than ever! Every SAP customer should get an overview of his current license usage, compare it to his contract and then decide which licenses he actually needs.

How does the measurement take place?

A measurement includes four steps:

1. User classification across all systems (by companies themselves)
2. USMM measurement
3. Consolidation with LAW (summary of results from USMM measurement)
4. The result of the measurement is forwarded to SAP.

The solution? Automation!

With the right solution, such as Matrix42 SAP Compliance combined with samQ by VOQUZ, the correct assignment of licenses in each SAP system takes place fully automatically. This gives you an accurate overview of your current license inventory and identifies the optimal license requirements for your company. With the right solutions you are perfectly prepared for the next license measurement – at any time! With the combination of samQ and Matrix42 SAP Compliance, you analyze the actual usage of each individual SAP user and record the results in the system. The final consolidation with USMM and LAW is then based on the automatically generated data, as well as the transmission of the results to SAP.

Advantages of Automation

  • Higher transparency
  • Changes are recognizable
  • Reduce manual effort and costs
  • Avoid over- or under-licensing
  • Reveal optimization potential
  • lnactive users can be automatically deactivated

You want to get more information on how to optimize your SAP licenses? Visit us at CEBIT – hall 15, booth F58!

Text by Torsten Boch, Senior Product Manager Software Asset Management at Matrix42 and Martin Koegel, VOQUZ.



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