Caution, risk of tripping!

Caution, risk of tripping!

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The last quarter of the year marks the start of a critical phase in system measurement, as this is when measurement requests from SAP start streaming in. System measurement has always been a laborious task, the kind to leave you feeling uneasy. Today, there are still many hurdles and it still presents a real challenge. Great care and attention is required to avoid tripping up, even if the license audit is software-supported. No company wants to fail and risk having to make an additional payment.

That’s why we are outlining a few hurdles that you should be aware of:

Indirect Access

This is the hottest topic right now, as almost every company uses third-party applications. Webshops, Non SAP- CRM systems, or, for example, in-house mobile solutions, all fall under the category of ‘indirect access’ and can rapidly increase costs.

There is a trend towards second licenses

Were the former Limited Professional licenses correctly defined, as SAP called for two years ago, if these licenses are supposed to be renewed later? If so, you should exercise caution. It may be that people with mixed working areas require two or even three SAP licenses because they themselves divided up these work areas back then, not SAP.

Authorization concept as a licensing pitfall

It comes as a surprise to some companies to learn that licensing should be geared towards granted authorizations. If the in-house authorization concept is very broad, this can lead to some quite nasty surprises. Such a situation opens the way to over-licensing.

Active, software-supported license management helps to avoid these hurdles.
Using the right software, risks can be uncovered over the course of the year. This shortens the reaction phase and means risks can be eliminated before the system measurement starts. Sometimes a reaction phase can be avoided altogether, as the software has already dealt with the sources of risk independently. There is no doubt that it is extremely dangerous to purely rely on one’s own license inventory during a measurement period. Nowadays, the only guarantee of a sound night’s sleep is having clarity over the current license situation.



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