ASUG Interview: SAPs Digital Access from a License Expert’s Perspective

ASUG Interview: SAPs Digital Access from a License Expert’s Perspective

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We have been waiting for a long time for concrete information about Indirect Access from SAP. However, now that it exists, the case still doesn’t seem to be clearer.

In an interview with ASUG, the American SAP User Group, our licensing expert Sebastian Schoofs explains what SAP customers now need to consider.

After the seesaw about Indirect Access and a court ruling with a penalty in the millions last year, the uncertainty on SAP customers’ side increased immeasurably.

In April 2018 there were finally news regarding Indirect Access (now Digital Access). SAP introduced its new outcome-based license model grounded on 9 types of documents. This was followed by a first wave of relief. From November 2018 on, these documents will now be automatically detected during the license measurement. This means that there are only a few months left to get an overview of your own license landscape. Now SAP customers are again faced with the question: What should I do?

Digital Access – where do we go?

After all the new model is a first step into the right direction: a transparent and holistic approach to the licensing of SAP. The catch: These advantages apply particularly to new customers. So the new model continues to bring some challenges to existing customers.

SAP offers three options:

1st option: Keep the old contract and do nothing.
2nd option: License exchange – SAP users retain their existing contract and add a supplement that clearly regulates Indirect Access
3rd option: Contract conversion in connection with a migration (within the old system or S/4HANA).

No matter which of the options customers choose, it is important that they get an exact overview of their licenses in advance. The best way to do this is to use the right software or the advice of licensing experts.

Don’t abandon the idea of a license exchange too quickly! This option is ideal for switching so-called shelfware (i.e. licenses that you no longer need) and thus solving problems in the area of Indirect Access.

The most important thing is to know about your licenses. A first step is this interview. Learn how to prepare for the new license measurement in November 2018, what’s behind the separation of the SAP sales and audit team, and who to contact if you have any problems.

Watch the complete interview “A License Management Expert’s Perspective on SAP’s New Licensing and Audit Practices” here.

An interview by Ann Marie Gray, VP, Content at ASUG and Sebastian Schoofs.



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