10 commandments for your SAP license management

10 commandments for your SAP license management

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One could probably start every blog post with the same statement and it would never lose its relevance: SAP license management is a real challenge. It is a very complex and time-consuming task to ensure your companies licensing strategy is compliant with your SAP contract. Some might say it’s rocket science. Especially when taking a look at SAP’s requirements for the annual system measurement it becomes clear, how much effort it takes to do it all the right way:


To be able to measure all users of your SAP installation clearly and exactly, you must classify your users in accordance with the current use and the underlying price list before every system measurement.


There is no denying, that SAP licenses managers do not exactly have the easiest job, but if they follow those 10 commandments for SAP license management, they will have a clear guideline to help them take control of their licensing.

  1. Information about the current license inventory and distribution is available at any time.
  2. User licenses are assigned based on actual usage rather than on user rights.
  3. User licenses are assigned and adjusted automatically and continuously.
  4. Conditions stated in SAP’s List of Prices and Conditions are taken into account and met as good as possible.
  5. If additional or new licenses need to be purchased, the entire range of possible license types is taken into account even if a certain license type is not yet part of the company’s license portfolio.
  6. If additional or new licenses need to be purchased, such licenses are bought that cover the necessary activities in accordance with the audit requirements and have the most favorable pricing.
  7. Possible indirect use of SAP functionalities must be constantly monitored and critical areas must be analyzed.
  8. Engine and package consumption can be retrieved at any time across all systems.
  9. Analyzes exploring new license distributions which might be more cost-effective need to possible without great effort.
  10. License histories are available in order to optimize the purchasing strategy.


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